Sprint Low

Automatism for sliding gates. Models: 400, 600, 800 and 800i.

It is characterized by its rapid installation because it doesn’t require exact measurement, thanks to its pivoting gear system that adapts to the rack at all times.

The pivoting gear system ensures a good long-term operation, if in any case the gate guide is modifyed because of continuous use, passing vehicles or gate wheels wear, automatism Sprint Low always adapts to ensure proper functioning.

Product highlights

  • – 24v intensive electric motor .
  • – Rack and pinion gear pivoting system .
  • – It incorporates 50 pulses per second encoder to ensure smooth operation of the gate movements and soft stop.
  • – Incorporated electronics with multiple functions.
  • – Programming based self-study course and with slowdown.
  • – Closing edge safety device.
  • – Pinion gear rack safety device.
  • – Does not include limit switches, the engine memorizes its route with its encoder ensuring optimum performance.
  • – Partial opening for pedestrian entry.
  • – Independent power regulation in route and soft stop.
  • – Incorporated receiver that allows 250 transmitters.
  • – Optional additional batteries.
  • – The automatism is designed to accomplish all regulations on sliding gates, and we can adjust the strength and speed of the gate and be sensitive in human accident.