Jaguar Low

Electromechanical automation for swing gates of 1 or 2 sheets.
Models 40, 60, 80

It is characterized by its quick and easy installation by incorporating electronics inside the automation.

We have opted for an automation with embedded electronics to optimize the installation. It has all security controls to ensure operation and safety, such as encoder, 24v power, disconnect release lever etc. Only connect to 220v net, and it is ready to work.You can add another Jaguar Low to double gates and interconnect them.

Product highlights

  • – Incorporated electronics inside the automation
  • – 24v AC electric motor, for gates up to 5m. depending on model.
  • – Programmable slow down in opening and closing..
  • – Anti-crushing system.
  • – Low sound level .
  • – Fast opening operation.
  • – It incorporates 50 pulses per second encoder to ensure smooth operation of the door movements and soft stop.
  • – Two automation interconnection for double gates.
  • – Easy release from the outside in bars gates.
  • – Independent power regulation in route and soft stop.
  • – Incorporated receiver that allows 250 transmitters.
  • – The automation is designed to accomplish all regulations on sliding doors, and we can adjust the strength and speed of the door and be sensitive in human accident.