Lineal Low

Hydraulic automatism for swing doors.
Models 40, 60, 80 with or without locking

Automatism for community gates with high transit.

Notable for incorporating reader angle. (Encoder)
As a 24v DC motor can perform endless maneuvers without motor temperature rise.

Incorporates an angle reader in the rear of the engine that allows us to precisely adjust the end of route and the exact point of the soft stop beginning, control speed, turn the anti-crushing system on and detecting whether the door is manually opened to close it.
With the manual option helps, when it detects a manual opening or closing, the motor starts to help user. Wind detection system prevents untimely closures by gusts of wind.

Product highlights

  • – 24v intensive electric motor
  • – It incorporates angle reader (encoder)
  • – Opening limit switch mechanical knob.
  • – Anti-crushing system at opening and closing.
  • – Automatic help in manual mode.
  • – Detection system in untimely closure caused by gust of wind.
  • – Locking system for manually opening door.
  • – Slow down in opening and closing..
  • – Closing edge safety device.
  • – In case of a power failure, at tension resume, the operator recognizes the state of the door and, if it is open, it automatic closes it.
  • – Low sound level .
  • – Fast opening operation.
  • – Heat dissipation cooling system.
  • – Course programming based on self-study.
  • – Selectable slow down in desired position during opening and closing.
  • – Independent power regulation in route and soft stop.
  • – Incorporated receiver that allows 250 transmitters..